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Who we are

Marina Aleksanyan, certified professional and trainer for scalp micropigmentation / microblading.

“It all started back in 2005 where Marina's passion for the beauty industry got her started with permanent makeup artistry. “

Hair tattoo

Marina started her carrier in beauty industry back in 2005 as a permanent beauty makeup artist specializing in eyebrow, lip and eyeliner tattoos. Her attention to detail and persistence for excellence got her quickly established as an authority and established her place as one of the best permanent beauty artists within the industry.

Fast forwarding to 2011, having such reputation lead to one of her friends seeking solution on hear-loss. This issue was very near and deer since having members within her own family that were facing hair-loss. She was eager to find a solution to restore smiles and confidence back on peoples faces.

Hair tattoo

This conversation lead Marina on extensive research and within few short days, she stumbled on a procedure called “micro pigmentation”. After thorough investigation, she quickly signed herself up to courses / classes that will gain her hands on experience.

Fast forwarding few years, and now with thousands of hours under her belt, she is commonly referred to as leading micro pigmentation experts in this space.

Hair tattoo

A word from Marina Aleksanyan

I love helping people, it gives me joy and happiness whenever I’m able to put smile and restore confidence on my clients faces. At the end of the day, we’re all here temporarily, I encourage everyone to live their best life.

Look your best to feel your best!